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2018 - Now & Upcoming

Hello! Hope everything is having a great 2018 so far! (Even though it's been only 20 days..) Here's some of the new photos I have added to the website:

The website has gone through a lot of changes recently. I have now added an FAQ page where I have answered the most commonly asked questions that I get through email, phone. Please have a look if there first if there is something you would like to ask me or enquire about.

I have also added a new section under taxidermy called Miscellaneous. As I have be looking into skull preservation , mounting antlers/horn up on shields and even framing up mummified specimens. It is a growing page so more will be up there over time.

Additionally I have updated the Taxidermy - Birds section. New work has been uploaded in the the gallery.

For people who like to buy my work in shops. Made in Stroud is now my main stockist at the moment. I am focussing more on private commission work this year and work going towards my exhibition in the Gardens Gallery. However I am always adding new stock in their shop. Pop me an email if you would like to know what stock is available or if you are local do drop in. It's an awesome shop filled with the coolest things.

Earlier this week I went to my old college where I studied Art Foundation in 2012. I did a talk presenting my work and what I have been up too since then. It was surreal to go back but I loved every minute, especially talking to the current art students. See post below:

That's is for now,


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