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Here are various happy customers who have bought products from Taxtiles.
Some photographs have been taken by the customers themselves with the work in situ. 

"Becky did a wonderful job of mounting my kingfisher and it will always be a wonderful reminder of a beautiful home we spent 23 very happy years in”
- Vittoria Thornley
kingsher 3.jpg
"Becky D does some amazing work to extremely high standards, creating taxidermy modern classics and using specimens which have all been ethically sourced. The John Moore Museum can't wait to add more of her work to our collection".
- Simon Moore on behalf of the John Moore Museum
Becky worked on a juvenile bird that had flown into a window pane and the result was perfect. She sourced a custom built box, kept me updated on progress and delivered a fantastic end product. She is friendly, transparent about costs and, above all, a great taxidermist! Thank you. I have no hesitation in personally recommending her. - Paul Austin
I ordered a beautiful green budgie from Becky and I’m absolutely delighted with it. I’ve always wanted a piece of taxidermy and Becky didn’t disappoint! She kept me informed of progress throughout and packaged it up perfectly to make the long trip from Gloucestershire to my home in Newcastle. She’s so talented and very professional. I would certainly recommend her and I’m already thinking about my next piece from her. Wonderful! Bobby now has pride of place in my living room! - Elaine Mclaren
"Becky is so talented, she makes a fantastic variety of animals from textiles or for taxidermy, she is ethical and determined to give you what you want, just fab."
-Sam Jones
"All you have to do is look at the page itself to see the time and effort Becky puts into the stuff she produces. Definitely recommend"
-Nath Lewis

Becky is very professional, knowledgeable & reliable. She ensures you are happy with the finished product & goes the extra mile to achieve this. Regular updates are given as the work progresses & she clearly explains any alternative options whilst also taking on board the customers personal preferences. We are very pleased with the outcome of the work-it's perfect-exactly as we wanted it & had envisaged it to be. Very happy to highly recommend Becky & her business-it was a great experience-interesting & informative. It was also a pleasure to have met her as she is so friendly & welcoming. Many many thanks"
- The Yemm Family

Yemm Family Sheild
Anters in situ
before and after restoration
barn worl with Ann and Dennis

Dennis and I were very impressed when we met Becky, she is very friendly and approachable and knows exactly what you are asking of her. Becky is extremely knowledgable in her field and knew exactly what she was dealing with when we gave her our owl to restore. Becky has a very good eye for detail with a good artistic flair. Becky listens to your viewpoints and is able to advise you of what she considers to be the best approach but is not forceful if there is something that you really want doing providing that it is feasable. We could not be happier with the final outcome of the restoration the owl looks amazing. Something that we really liked with Becky is the way that she kept us up to date with each stage of the restoration and the way that she showed us her portfolios of her previous works, we left the owl with her feeling very confident that she would take care of it and restore it to its former glory. - Ann & Dennis Hart

“It’s a beautifully created piece of work that brilliantly captures the mole’s quirky character, Becky is very quick and efficient and has excellent ideas about how to mount and show the taxidermy to its best effects.

I enjoyed working with Becky/Taxtiles on this project, and watching the work steadily develop into the finished article. For a relative newcomer to this profession, Becky has a great deal of knowledge and interest in the subject”.
- James Millar

Mole in situ
butterflies in situ

"Absolute works of art. So beautiful, couldn't be more happy with my butterflies. Becky is a true professional and creative. Please to work with, can't wait for my next purchase."

- Alice Ball

"We bought two of Becky's creatures, a beautiful and colourful hare and a white mouse - which in white has the feel of some sort of Egyptian artifact. They are extremely well made and modeled, tough enough to be handled by inquisitive children, but mostly just sat in pride of place as mini talking point artworks in our living room."

- Mark Horsell & Fifi Muir.

hare and mice textile in situ
blue textile hare

Absolutely fantastic product. Lots of communication before receiving the product to ensure we were completely happy.
Highly recommend buying from Taxtiles!

 - Natasha Paine

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