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Soft Mount Taxidermy

A soft mount is a lesser-known type of taxidermy where the animal's head is mounted traditionally on a hard foam form or the real skull while the body and legs contain a soft filler, usually poly-fil with doll armature. This makes the finished mount soft and floppy. I use doll armature so the soft mount can be posed properly but they can be without if you do so wish.

It's like a soft toy, apart from the fact it is also a dead animal. The rest of the body is tanned and relaxed enough to make it floppy. 

Soft mounts are not recommended for children due to some of the materials used (there is some element of wiring inside but is covered inside the mount) and the delicacy of the face is still traditionally mounted like a piece of taxidermy. They are essentially art dolls with animal parts.

Here you can find my past and recent commission work. 

If you like something on here or want something similar, please go to "Make an Order/Commissions"

to make an order. 


NOTE: All taxidermy specimens and fur/feathers are ethically and responsibly sourced and have been either road-kill, euthanised wild-life from the vets and RSPCA which couldn't be saved due to injuries and illness. No animals or bird was killed when making the pieces. They were already dead when acquired.​


For the price list of taxidermy, what specimens we have in stock, casing servicing and habitat restoration please email for more information.

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