Make an Order/Commissions

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Please contact me if you would like to go on the waiting list.

To make an order from Taxtiles you need to specify whether you want textile sculpture, embroidery or taxidermy.

The first section is how to make a taxidermy order and what to expect etc.


I only do pet taxidermy on birds, sorry for any inconvenience.


This is a general guideline on how orders are processed. Every order is individual and may be slightly different (ie habitat restoration, recasing, butterflies/insects, skull preservation).

Getting Started

First of all please familiarise yourself with my FAQs before making an enquiry. 

Once you have looked through both the FAQs and Prices, you will either have a specimen you want taxidermied in the freezer or specify a particular animal or bird you would like mounted. If it is butterflies, insects, skull preservation, habitat restoration or recasing it may be slightly different.

Making an Order

Once you have decided what you want taxidermied, you will need to email me


If you are local we will arrange an appointment for you to come and visit with your specimen or choose what specimen you would like from the freezers. We will then discuss what you are after. If you are unsure that is no problem. I will help you visualise what you are after and give you plenty of options (i.e what pose, do you want it in a glass dome or case? What type of base, do you want a habitat with your mount, what type of shield if it's a head mount?)

If you are not local (within the UK/Europe), that is also not a problem. People have shipped via 24 hr courier specimens they want taxidermied, or if they are requesting a specimen, I source a specimen for you and send you photos. Once this is decided, consultation can take place either by email or phone.

Note: If you are travelling with a specimen (frozen) within the EU or sending a raw specimen into the UK from an EU country - please familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations with imports into the UK as you may need an import license. 

After that, I will give you your order form (I make a copy for myself) with all the details filled out that we have discussed. (If done by phone I will need an email address or postal address to send the details to you). I will also give you the terms and conditions that will need to be signed by both parties before any work can be undertaken. Questions are welcome and encouraged throughout. 

A completion date of the piece will also be given to you on the order form.


I do payments in a variety of different ways depending on what is best for you.

A deposit is taken to secure the order. Most orders are done by 50% upfront and the remaining amount is paid on completion and satisfaction of the mount. Instalments can also be arranged. 

The way payments are done can be by cash, BACS, PayPal or cheque. 


I will keep you informed throughout the order process. I will send you clear photos of your completed piece of taxidermy. 

If you are local, I will contact you to come and arrange to collect your piece and pay the remaining amount.

If you are not local, depending on what you have ordered, a tracked and signed for courier will be arranged to be sent to the address of your choice. 

All work is securely wrapped with details of my log no. and any CITES certificates that may be needed for your piece.


The work does vary from piece to piece massively so a completion date will be given to you when you have been sent your invoice. I do have a waiting list and will let you know upfront before any work is undertaken how long the wait is. If you would like to know the current waiting time for orders - please email me: