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What is Taxtiles?

Taxtiles is a merge of two words "Textile & Taxidermy"
Breaking the boundaries between textile and taxidermy.
Experimenting with the techniques used in taxidermy to create bespoke luxury items for the home and office.


Established by Becky Dick in 2014. Graduated in 2015 First Class Honours BA (Hons) Decorative Arts, specialised in 3D Textiles/Embroidery and Taxidermy.

Becky's studio is based in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. And is also a member and honorary secretary of UK The Guild of Taxidermists.

Becky has been doing traditional taxidermy since 2014, trained by professional taxidermist David Keningale in 2014. Additionally, Becky has also had training from specialist World Champion bird taxidermist Carl Church in 2017 and an accredited member of the GoT George Jamieson in 2020. Further bird taxidermy training, plus moulding and casting with Carl Church late 2021. And undertook a 3-day taxidermy conservation course taught by Simon Moore in August 2022. 

Becky also does entomology pinning, taxidermy restoration, groundwork restoration, and re-casing.

Since 2018, Becky is also a museum taxidermist for The John Moore Museum, based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.


All taxidermy specimens and fur/feathers are ethically sourced and have been either road-kill, euthanised wild-life from the vets and/or wildlife sanctuaries which couldn't be saved due to injuries and illness.

No animals or bird are killed when making the pieces of taxidermy. They were already dead when acquired. 

Becky never kills any of her specimens for her taxidermy.

As well as taxidermy. Becky also does "vegan/vegetarian taxidermy" also known as "fauxdermy" or "textile taxidermy". The techniques used in her textile taxidermy are from traditional taxidermy translated into fabric, using sustainable yarns, threads, and fabric.

Becky then developed the technique which she calls weave-binding.

All sculptures are pose-able and can interact with each other. Even the textile trophy heads are poseable with the ears. Every sculpture is bespoke and individual. They can vary in colour and personality which gives them character. 

None of the textile taxidermy has any part of an animal or bird inside it. The textile taxidermy is also referred to as "vegan/vegetarian taxidermy".

Becky also does free-hand embroidery and illustrates motifs inspired by British wild-life. They are created into canvassed wall-pieces or cushions. Note: The cushions have different materials on the back and some have the real animal or faux fur incorporated into the products. Every product will state where the fur was sourced, all fur is ethically sourced.

If you would like to find out more. Please go to FAQs
[frequently asked questions].

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