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Posted 23/10/2023 

Commissions are closed (for now)

For now they’re still closed. I might take on the odd restoration job (please email me if that's the case: but I won't be taking on new taxidermy work for the time being. But I will let you know when I will be taking on new customers and commissions in the near future.

I need to concentrate on the current work I have got going on, with a year’s worth of work I need to get through already. The pressure I put on myself, I need to stop doing that, with the risk on being behind and disappointing my customers.

I also want more time for my own creativity and with plenty of gorgeous specimens in the freezer which I have collected for nearly a decade. I think it’s time I paid attention to those specimens and work on those.

I have concentrated in the last 6 years or so solely on commissions with very little time to have that creative freedom. I think it’s time to work on the pieces I want to. Some of these future pieces will be for sale after they’re completed.

I hope you understand, thank you for your continued support.


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