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Taxidermy Price List (Providing Own Specimen) & Textile Sculpture/Embroidery Pricing 2023

Taxidermy: These prices include mounted on a wooden base or piece of wood. 

If a head/trophy piece, includes the shield.
(Starting price does not include: glass case or dome or habitat work. etc)

These prices include only bringing your own specimen only. If you need a specimen, it will be taken out of my own stock or I can source you a specimen. This service is an additional cost and will be clearly outlined in your invoice when ordering.


All prices are subject to change.

Please note: pricing is carefully considered. I calculate my time, paperwork required (if applicable), the costs involved and skill to create every piece. There are no cutting corners.

Some birds or mammals are higher than others in price depending how long it takes
(For example: processing skins as some birds or mammals are fattier than others and requires
rigorous degreasing or washing in the process). 

Textile Sculpture & Embroidery: This is a general price list for textile sculpture and embroidery. No piece is exactly the same. Pricing is subject to change. All depending on the size of the sculpture, pose and colour.


These are general pricings and a starting point to give you an idea. If there is something you are looking for in particular, please email

NOTE: I don't do pet taxidermy unless it's a particular pet bird - you must enquire by email if it's a pet bird.

sorry for any inconvenience.

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