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2018 - What a year!

Hello all,

2018 has been a fantastic year for Taxtiles. The busiest it's ever been, I've worked for film and a museum this year. I've pushed the limits of my abilities by taxiderming the smallest bird in the UK (a goldcrest) to processing a White Park bulls head!

I now do taxidermy for The John Moore Museum. I finished my first commission from them a few weeks ago. A stoat.

In the new year I will be doing a taxidermy weasel and Shag (yes that is a bird - similar to a cormorant).


I will also be doing a talk at the museum in the new year. On Saturday 26th January - see events for more information.


I am also processing a very large bulls head - a rare cattle breed called a White Park. This will be a game head and be finished in the new year. I am documenting the process on my instagram and IGTV. I've been thinking of setting up a YouTube channel once I have finished it. Then collecting all the timelapses/video and images to show start to finish how I mounted the bulls head. Below is a screenshot of one of my timelapses of me defleshing the bulls head.

I have also been commissioned by ITV for the series Victoria. A challenging commission as they wanted two kittens based off the famous kitten wedding scene by Walter Potter. This will be shown in series 3 episode 7. The silver tabby kittens are not pets but from a reputable breeder. They unfortunately were stillborn. None of the kittens were killed for the purpose of taxidermy.

I've also done a big update of the website:

Taxidermy - Birds have now been sub-categorised into different types, birds of prey, waterfowl, garden birds, exotic and other.

Taxidermy - Mammals has got more images of new work. Next year at some point I will also be categorising mammals into game heads, life size and more.

Textile Sculpture - I added a new piece of work which I have collaborated with the artist Joanne Humphreys. (See photo below)

Events page has been updated with new upcoming events and archived any past events.

Miscellaneous has been updated with new photos of work, mainly skulls.

More Testimonials have been added to the website. You can also view them on my Google listing or my business listing.

If you do find any bugs, typos etc. Please let me know by emailing me.

New commissions and orders are currently closed for 2019. I apoligise for any inconvenience. Depending how I get on early in the year this may change. I will keep you updated.

For now I will leave you in peace. Enjoy your Christmas and have a super new year. Here's to 2019.

Becky x

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