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No Pet Taxidermy Please

I've had a good think about this and I've decided I'm no longer doing any type of bird taxidermy pet work from now on.

The current pet bird commissions I have and if you have commissioned me to preserve your pet already, don't you worry, I will still do the work for you and you're all lovely.

It's any future work that comes in. I've had a lot of unhinged enquiries recently about people wanting their pet birds done, some borderline harassing as I do it only on a case-by-case basis. When I make the decision to not go ahead with a potential client, the last few have not respected my decision of me saying no, trying to change my mind by pressuring me, then constant emails after me trying my best to let them down.

It's hard enough to be entrusted with someone else's pet and the pressure to even get the pet looking as it did when it was alive is immense. So I've decided I'm not doing it anymore for any future commission work.

And as you may already know I don't preserve people's pets such as cats, dogs, hamsters, rats and even reptiles.

So I don't do any type of pet taxidermy work now. I hope you understand and thank you for supporting my small business.




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