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Embroiders Guild Talk

Slight overdue post. Back in mid-February I went to Oxford to do a talk at the Embroiders Guild about my work. Organised way back when I took part in Art in Action in July 2016. They asked me if I wanted to talk about my embroidery and textile sculpture (with taxidermy thrown in of course).

I drove right in the middle of rush hour traffic on the A40 (total nightmare). However, I did get there in good time, it was in a lovely village in Iffley. And plenty of people going past on bikes.

Unfortunately technology totally failed on me and the projector stopped working. So it was old school presenting in front of people, except everyone huddle around my laptop as I spoke about my work.

It was very enjoyable and majority of people said that it was a very unusual talk to say the least!

Anyway here's photos from the evening:

That's not me on the far right, that's my introduction :)

(that's not me on the far right, just my introduction)

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