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6 months of art and taxidermy!

Apologies for sporadic blog posting. I've been sending out a newsletter to shout out about upcoming events and news.

In the last 6 months:

I have exhibited at Art in Action in July. Which was amazing, such a shame it being the last one. But I got a feeling it won't be the end.

It was great to meet other designer-makers and crafts people. The demonstrations were, as always, spectacular. And great to see new and familiar faces.

It was a positive show, and got lots of people signing up to my newsletter (if you haven't signed up already and you would like to, scroll down to the bottom to find the form).

I also exhibited my work at the Mall Galleries with the Designer Craftsmen Society in August. Again a great show and a great location right in the heart of London, with Buckingham Palace only down the road.

I've been rather busy with commissions and my taxidermy lately. I've been making new pieces and practising my skills with small birds in particular. Here's a highlight of a few things I've been working on.

I will be concentrating on creating some more textile pieces for Christmas, with a potential new stockist along the way that's local *cough* Gloucestershire.

I haven't been ignoring your requests. I know a lot of you want to do workshops. I have been in touch with a few of my contacts to make this a reality. Right now I'm aiming for for thought!

Upcoming events is the SVA Christmas Open Studios. Just for one weekend, this will be a great opportunity to come and see me and my work. Again I am looking into "borrowing" a space at the SVA hub. Additionally I'm looking to exhibit a couple of pieces in Stroud in December. All in the background and more information later.

For 2017 - I will be doing a talk with the Embroiders Guild in February. Again watch this space.

Anything else you want to know - get in touch!

Becky x

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