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New Stock!

We are Currently selling this guy! Tony the Squirrel. He is up for grabs while you can. The eBay Link is here

Image of him is below.

Also we are currently making new products for the Art Market York fair in October, keep your eyes peeled on our facebook page for any new products, and any particular animals you would like to see in the future.

Additionally if you're after something else, in a mist of the Elefair Giftware project we undertook. We will also be making more elephants, smaller ones of course! They will be for sale in Ele's shop later this year. If you're after something right now, please get in touch at

Look out for our products in Cavology and Hand-made Nottingham at the Malt Cross around November this year. You might come across one of our special bespoke pieces around Nottingham.


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