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Tools of the trade and raw taxidermy


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Taxtiles is a merge of two words
"Textile & Taxidermy". Breaking the boundaries between textile and taxidermy. Experimenting with the techniques used in taxidermy to create bespoke luxury items for the home and business. Hand crafted in the UK.
White Faced Scops Owl
Hover over taxidermy - white faced scops owl


Bespoke work in mammals, game heads, birds, entomology, restoration and recasing services.
Ethically sourced.
Blue Squirrel
hover over blue squirrel


Textile Taxidermy, also known as "vegan taxidermy or "fauxdermy". Uses techniques from taxidermy but uses no animal or bird product.
Embroidered Hare Close up
hover over red hare embroidery


Unique embroidered pieces,
tailored to you.

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