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Taxidermy - Small/Medium Mammals

Here you can find my past and recent commission work. 

If you like something on here or want something similar, please go to "Make an Order/Commissions"

to make an order. 


NOTE: All taxidermy specimens and fur/feathers are ethically sourced and have been either road-kill, euthanised wild-life from the vets and RSPCA which couldn't be saved due to injuries and illness. No animals or bird was killed when making the pieces. They were already dead when acquired.​

There are some specimens in my portfolio are highly protected such as native bats and otters etc.
I have the GL02 License which means I can preserve these animals for educational purposes and they are displayed in a museum or educational establishment for that purpose. These animals cannot be preserved for private collectors nor commercial.


For the price list of taxidermy, what specimens are in stock, taxidermy restoration etc please email for more information.

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