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Mammal Restoration

All work here is client commissioned work to either restore the habitat surrounding a piece of taxidermy, recasing a specimen or restoring/cleaning a specimen.

Every piece is bespoke and catered to the clients needs. No habitat restoration, taxidermy restoration/cleaning or recasing is the same. 

If there is something you can't find here and want to find out more. Please do not hesitate to email

Before and after of restoring a water buffalo head

This water buffalo head was restored to his former glory. I fully fumigated the specimen first, then repaired both ears, fixed and restored cracking around the mouth, nose, repainted and put the sheen back onto the noise. Plus a full deep clean of the fur, horns and eyes. 

Before and after of restoring the Bear at Rodborough

This big antique bear was in need of repairing. As you can see his teeth were not in the best way, his tongue was falling apart as well as his fur was caked in dust over the centuries and decades.. With some minor repairs that needed to be done around his eyes, mouth and nose. I set to work and cleaned from top to toe of this bear. Gave him some dental work and also painted the base and created new claws and repaired the tongue. 

He is definitely a lot happier now and customers will be happy to see him back in situ at the Bear of Rodborough Hotel in Stroud. 

Before and after of restoring a bear cubs nose.

Small restoration work on this bear cub called Coleman. This poor cub had this nose chewed off by a naughty puppy. So coleman needed a rhinoplasty to make him good as new. Also a little touch up on the eyes to make him glow again. 

Before and after of restoring an antique stag head

A lovely example of stag head that was sun bleached, very dusty and needed some repair work on the ears, nose and eyes. I set to work and thoroughly cleaned the specimen prior to recolouring it. I restored the ears, nose and around the eyes to freshen him up. It's very satisfying seeing the before and after of these pieces. 

Before and after of fumigating and cleaning a bison head.

This bison head was in a room full of moths and needed a good check over for pests or any damage that may of been caused by them. After fumigation, it looks like good news and was able to thoroughly clean and brush the bison down with some minor restoration on the noise and around the eyes. He now looks good as new!

Bit of history. The Bison has a plaque that says it was presented by The Fort Garry Horse to the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards at the conclusion of our joint tour in Baor, Germany 1965.