What is Soft Mount Taxidermy?

It's been a while since posting on here. As you can imagine, again it has been a very busy year. I usually post all my antics on instagram and my Facebook page. However, I will try to post on here more. I'll see how it goes.

So I am having a go at Soft Mount Taxidermy. What is it may you ask? So naturally I will give you a Google definition:

"A soft mount is a lesser-known type of taxidermy where the animal's head is mounted traditionally on a hard foam form while the body and legs contain a soft filler, usually poly-fil. This makes the finished mount soft and floppy".

It's like a soft toy, apart from the fact it is also a dead animal. The rest of the body is tanned and relaxed enough to make it floppy. Some Soft mount taxidermy is also poseable. I will give you some examples of good soft mount taxidermy. Majority of soft mount taxidermy are foxes. (None of these pieces are mine, they are purely for examples).

So one of the commissions I'm currently doing is a soft mount red fox. Currently I am still relaxing the rest of the skin so it is supple enough to be a soft mount. However, I have finished mounted the head and will show you progress photos of being done.

The materials I used are as follows:

  • Wood wool from JHT

  • Galvanised wire: 5mm for the base to start the head - from Homebase

  • String to wrap the wood wool. I got the string from the Gloucestershire resource centre

  • Clay - preferably critterclay. Mixed of some other stuff I had.

  • Ear liners (lead ones from JHT)

  • Fox eyes from JHT (I think can’t remember, was a while ago when I bought them)

  • Pins from JHT and dressing making pins - can be bought anywhere, Poundland, hobby craft etc.

  • Wire mesh to hold ears from a random uni art shop in Bristol. Can’t find it anywhere else.

  • Masking tape

  • Dental tool and ceramic tools for sculpting.

I'll keep you posted how I get on doing the rest of the body. I'm just excited to see how this turns out as this is all new to me :)

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