This gorgeous hare is made of sustainable materials. Using techniques derived from traditional taxidermy. 

Using a technique I created myself called weave-binding. It is made of cotton and wool with a wire armature inside it.


The ears a slightly pose-able as all my sculpture have wire running through them.

You may be surprised by the texture of some of my sculptures as I put a special sealant on them for durability.


They will never break! Sturdy and strong pieces of art that you don't have to worry about them being knocked off the mantle piece of window-sill.


Each one is bespoke, no other two are the same. Unique pieces of artwork. 


For cleaning and general upkeep. Use a damp cloth (not dripping wet) and lightly wipe the sculpture to get rid of the dust. 


None of the textile sculpture has any part of an animal or bird inside it. The textile sculpture is also referred to as "vegetarian taxidermy".


I'm afraid my sculptures are not for children and are not toys.


Also made to order. Please email for more information.

Hand Stand Hare


    Please email to make an order.

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