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Other Restorations

All work here is client commissioned work to either restore the habitat surrounding a piece of taxidermy, recasing a specimen or restoring/cleaning a specimen.

Every piece is bespoke and catered to the clients needs. No habitat restoration, taxidermy restoration/cleaning or recasing is the same. 

If there is something you can't find here and want to find out more. Please do not hesitate to email

Before and after of restoring an antique crocodile.

A very dusty, faded and cracked tortoise in well need of a complete overhaul. A very large restoration project. This is an antique nile crocodile that needed some well overdue tlc. Crack, faded, broken jaw, missing claws, stitching exposed. The list was exhaustive of the things that needed fixing on this nile crocodile. So I set to work, fixed the jaw, restored missing claws, new eyes, sculpted in the missing parts on the top of the head and other parts too, also covered all the seals where there were signs of the stitching. And of course sculpting in the missing teeth and recolouring them. Then the big task of completely recolouring the crocodile again so it looks more realistic to an actual crocodile. Safe to say he looks much happier and more fierce looking!