Habitat Restoration & Recasing Work

All work here is client commissioned work to either restore the habitat surrounding a piece of taxidermy or recasing a specimen.
Every piece is bespoke and catered to the clients needs. No habitat restoration or recasing is the same. 

If there is something you can't find here and want to find out more. Please do not hesitate to email taxtiles.taxidermy@gmail.com

Before and after of an antique tawny owl. Very dusty cleaned specimen of heavy dust and dirt. Repositioned as the tawny owl was  looking down due to a split in the neck/head of the skin which was fixed. Some of the tail feathers were bent so I steamed those back into place.


Also refeathered the specimen and repositioned the wood on the base to give a nicer composition. Also cleaned his feathers, eyes and inside of his beak. Currently being fumigated so it is protected from pests.

Note: this is not my taxidermy but me cleaning and doing a bit of conservation on the specimen, it’s also pre 1947 so no need for an A10.

Squirrel without the glass

Close up of habitat

Back of squirrel

Side of squirrel with glass

owl case restoration

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