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Bird Restoration

All work here is client commissioned work to either restore the habitat surrounding a piece of taxidermy, recasing a specimen or restoring/cleaning a specimen. From private collections to museum collections.

Every piece is bespoke and catered to the clients needs. No habitat restoration, taxidermy restoration/cleaning or recasing is the same. 

If there is something you can't find here and want to find out more. Please do not hesitate to email

Before and after of a restoration of 2 antique museum birds

These birds are part of the Reading museum collection. I was given the task to restore both of these birds which had a very bad infestation of carpet beetles. The glass had to be taken off first before working on them. As the feathers were loose due to the infestation, I had to be very careful not to remove the feathers while cleaning them as they would fall out. There was also cracking in the back of the case as well which needed to be sealed to stop any unwanted pests coming into the case in the future. Both specimens had been fumigated. So this was a historical infestation.

Both birds were restored using museum grade conservation techniques which can be easily reversed if needed be. The beak sheaths and parts of the claws were also restored and recoloured. Once the restoration work had been completed, I re-taped and coloured the tape holding the glass and the case.